Friday, October 19, 2012

Throw Blanket

One of my younger cousins has a new obsession of the color lime green, and zebra print EVERYTHING!!!!

I was at JoAnn's and was looking through some clearance fabric when hello, lime green zebra print. For $4y, couldn't pass it up. 

I got 3 yards of fabric total (1 1/2 yards for each side), for $12, batting 50% off for $4, and two spools of lime green thread for $3.

I had some scrap batting left over from the quilt I made my nephew last spring and tried to find a way to use it up.

I layered it 3 or 4 times and traced a heart in the batting and cut it out.

sorry for the mess

I pinned the heart to the fabric and attempted to cleanly sew around it. You have no idea how hard it is to sew through 4 layers of batting. In the end the heard was sewed to the fabric, but not so beautifully. Function I guess became more important. It's definitely not coming off.

Next thing I did to give the blanket a little character, and to keep the batting to the fabric, was sew along the zebra print.

I edited the picture to hopefully show the stitching better.

I made sure to spread out the fabric and pin the start of the longer zebra print stripes this way I didn't have to keep starting and stopping and moving the entire blanket around a million times. I also made sure to plan out how close the starts and ends were to save my self the aggravation, because trust me, after 2 feet it all looks the same. 

Now just so you know, I only sewed the zebra print to the batting on 1 side. NOT both. There was no guarantee that they would match up.

Once the entire blanket was finished I pinned the two sides together inside out around all 4 sides. I made a simple straight stitch down all 4 sides leave the center of the 4th side open. Make sure to sew the 4th side from the corners leaving the center open. This allows you to have clean corners. Once all the sides were stitched I cut any scrap pieces off the edges. 

By reaching through the middle open seem and pulling from an opposite corner through the opening you can turn the blanket the right side out. Make sure to pull the seems out and the corners so you have all of the fabric turned right side out. 

To close the opening I fold the rough edges in and pin them together. I sew a visible stitch close to the edge to finish off the opening. 

Top stitch is the opening closure
Bottom stitch is a secondary seem.

To give the entire blanket a finished look and to keep the seems taught. I pinned around the 4 sides about a 1/2" from the edge. I sewed along this line a simple straight stitch again the full length of the edge of the blanket. It creates a square at the corners once all 4 sides are complete.

Secondary seem

Now all that's left is to enjoy!

Fabric Scrap Headband

I was rushing before work and my hair was a mess. I'm sure everyone knows those types of days. Well I grabbed a piece of scrap fabric that was literally just laying on the floor, the hair tie that had fallen out that night and was in my bed, braided it, made a knot at the end and viola! Headband.

Cant get much simpler than that.

Nail Polish

I've heard about making your own nail polish color using a clear polish and some powder make up. Well while at work we had some eye make up on clearance, and TONS of it. I thought hey why not try it out.


Probably the best idea ever, cheap and so easy. All I did was create a little funnel out of a piece of paper, and pour some in. I only fill the top opening of the bottle (It doesn't settle into the polish right away). Shake it up and that was all it took to create a gorgeous color. Could of probably even used a little less. I only used less than a quarter of the make up, so I still have tons to use on my face and create refills of nail polish color.

Brand: Me
Color: Quartz
Place: Clearance @ Sears

This is only 1 coat!!!!! 
I know crazy right background is my mouse pad. =)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sand and Shell Vases

So long island has amazing sand, half purple, half white. The trick is being able to get the purple without the white. Now for that you need skills. 

Once you have the sand and some shells or rocks layer the sand with different colors. Now the way I was able to layer this in a really cool tie dye was because I had sand in two different vases before and when I poured them out it combined the layers.

I made one of the vases only the white rocks, and the other the purple shell pieces.

Paired with some reed diffusers and it's an awesome beach scene in the house.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cardboard Box

I had seen a couple different posts on Pinterest about turning a cardboard box into a storage box using fabric. Well of course I couldn't find it again. I decided hey why not wing it. 

I used an old cardboard box I had gotten from amazon. Using some fabric and and mod podge I went at it. The end result wasn't too bad but I wouldn't of used mod podge. It left some dark marks where it saturated the fabric.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ombre Hair

So I saw some pictures of people with red to blonde ombre hair. I figured I'd try it out. So I bought these two hair dyes. Turns out, I have waaay to much hair so I needed two boxes of each.

I dyed all of my hair the light blonde color. It came out decent, but not as bright as I thought I might get.

I had one of my friends help me out for the next part of actually dyeing my hair. First I made sure my hair was all dry. We used a small paint brush and worked from the top to the bottom putting the dye on the roots and brushing it about halfway down. The end result...

Not too shabby!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wine Bottles

Empty wine bottles make great decorations. I spray painted these black, about 3 coats, and then put some stickers on them and fake flowers for decoration. I also made some white and plain black ones and put some candles in them as a center piece. I want to do some more like this for my wedding reception.